Top blogging tools for 2019

Top Blogging Tool for 2019 :

If you have started your blogging or you want to start it soon then this post is very useful for you. By using these tools you can enhance your blogging experience and your readers as well.

I am going to show some specific tools which are very useful while you are creating your own blog. These tools help you a lot whether in topic searching or any niche searching.

Content Idea Generation Tools :

BuzzSumo : You can use it to see most trending topic on the web.

Google Trends : are use to see what people are searching on the web.

Quoro : You will get the ideas about  your topic by searching it on the quora.

Content Writing Improvement Tools :

Grammerly : It suggests wright words for your proof reading.

Images for Your Blog:

Pixabay : You can download free images from here for your blog post.

Pexels : Another website to download free images for your blog post.

Visitors Analytical Tools : 

Google Analytics : Google analytic tools allows to see advance data about our blog or website.

Keyword Research Tools:

Google Keyword Planner : Keyword reseach tool.

SEO Tools :

Google Webmaster Tool: This is free google tool which show all the links , duplicate content and keyword ranking.

Bing webmaster Tool: This is the same tool but it is from Bing search engine.

Another Tools :

Canva:Canva is a image tools using canva you can edit image , download any size of image.

Google Adsense : This is google monetization tools by using this tools on your blog or website you can earn money or monetize your blog.

Bluehost : This is the #1 hosting service provider on the inerternet.You can purchase cheap and affordable webs

hosting from this site.

Filezilla : This is used to transfer file from localhost to your server.

Mysql : This is database management tools which is used to manage your database on the go without logging into your phpmyadmin.



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