Difference between google adsense and google adwords

Difference between Google Adsense and Adword:

The main difference google Adsense and Adwords are that Google pays for Adsense and Google get paid for Adwords. In a simple word if anybody wants his blog or website promotion on the google then he or she has to pay for this to Google. This payment is received from Google from the Google AdWords accounts. We can use Google Ads on our website as a publisher to display Google Ads.

Both are the platform of Google and both give a valuable contribution to Google earnings. As a blogger  you have to understand the difference between both the keywords :

What is Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is the platform where you can use it as an advertiser to show your ads on the Google Display network, google search result websites and partner websites. You have to only pay when someone clicks on your ads on Google display network this is the main reason why people use it more than other program running in the market.

Google Adwords also gives you the better result as compare to others. For Promoting your website on google display network you have to create an account with Adwords and you create your own campaigns, you can choose your own budget and ads and of course, you can choose where do you want to display your ads on Google display network.

If you know using the Google Adwords then you can use it easily but if you don’t know the basics of the Adwords you may end up with losing lots of money.

Google Adsense:

With the help of AdSense, you can monetize your website or blogs by displaying ads next to your website content. When the user comes to your website and browse your website and they clicks on the ads then you get a small payment each time one of these ads is clicked on. If you have a big amount of readers of your website then you can earn big revenue just showing the google ads on your website. Now you become publisher of the google ads on your site.


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