Instructions to Add Google Analytics to WordPress well ordered guide 2019

Instructions to Add Google Analytics to WordPress well ordered guide 2019:

Google analytics is a very important part for a blog or a website. Running Google analytics is very important. In this tutorial, we would learn how to add Google Analytics to the WordPress site or blog. Google analytics gives you more information to you about your site and about your users. It will help you to take a decision.

In this post, we’re going to learn about Google Analytics, including:

  • What is Google Analytics and how to Sign Up to Google Analytics?
  • How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress?
  • How to Install Google Analytics with a WordPress Plugin?

What is Google Analytics and how to Sign Up to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website tracking software from Google which gives a report of our website performance like website traffic, conversions, customer or user behavior and gives lots of other information.

Google Analytics is the most important and popular website tracking software/service available on the internet. Any other plugins or software which gives the same information use the Google Analytics service in the background or they get permission from the user to use the data on behalf of the user permission.

You can create your own dashboard by using google analytics data which is given in the different formats so you can easily customize that data accordingly.

Signing Up for Google Analytics Account :

To create a Google Analytics Account follow the link: Google Analytics

If you have already your Gmail account then you have to just fill your Gmail id and password to login to your account.

If you don’t have already Gmail account then you have to create one by clicking on “Create Account”.It will take some time to enter your first name and last name and email address, password and other information about you.

After filling all the information click next button you will get a confirmation code to enter in the text box as given below :

Now you have to verify the code to create the account. After doing all these stuff you have to accept Google’s Terms of Service . You have to do it, you can not go further without accepting it.

After doing this you have to go to the home page of Google Analytics and sign in to the account and you will see your email address and put your password in the password field. You will get sing in the account and after singing in you will see the Sign-Up in the rightmost corner of the page.

Now you have to enter your information about your website like name, website name, website URL , timezone and after filling the information you click on the “Get Tracking Id” button.

After all this Google invites you to accept all the terms and conditions , this time you also have to accept the terms and conditions you don’t have other choices.

After accepting the terms you will come to the interface to google analytics dashboard.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress?

To add google analytics to your WordPress site or blog you just have to put the simple javascript code in the header bar of the site. This method is not as reliable as when you update or change your theme then this code will disappear.

If you still want to add using this method then simply open your header.php file from Appearance>>Editor


All you need to do to set up Google Analytics to WordPress website is to copy the “Tracking Code” from Google Analytics and paste it into the header code. But this code must be copied before the </head> tag.

How to Install Google Analytics with a WordPress Plugin?

To install the google analytics with a WordPress plugin you may choose any plugin which supports google analytics.

But for this post, we will use Monsterinsight plugin. This plugin is the most popular plugin with more than two million active installs. It comes with an easy interface and easy to understand UI. If you want to use this plugin you have to follow below simple steps :

1. Install the Plugin

To use the plugin, first of all, you have to install it on your WordPress site, To install it simply go to Plugins>> Add New. Now search for this plugin in the search bar. The search result will give you lots of results, but you have to install the monsterInsight plugin.

Click on install now button and after installing you have to activate it when installing gets done.

2. Now Connect to Google Analytics

When the plugin is activated, you will see the new menu in the left sidebar named “Insights” in your dashboard. When you hover the “insight” menu you will see the Settings menu. Click on the settings menu it will ask you to connect to the Google Analytics Account.

You have to click on the “Authenticate With your Google Account”. After clicking you will be redirected to your google account if you are already logged in then you will be asked to select your account if you have multiple accounts opened. If you are not already signed in then you have to sign in to your account.

After successful verification of your account then you will see the report menu in the sidebar of your dashboard. On click of this menu, you can check the detail of your Analytics account of your website.

You can import and export the report as well.

Google Analytics plays an important role in improving your blog or website. It gives you a lot of invaluable information about your audience so you can take care of them properly.

In this post, we have seen adding google analytics to our site whether it is manually or by using the plugin. You just need the tracking code to track the visitors, so you have to sing in for google analytics account and have to accept all the terms and conditions of Google. After all these stuff you can only then use the tracking code. In the plugin, you can directly put the code to use it.

Hope it will help you make your website even more successful!



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