How to create a blog in wordpress step by step in 2019

WordPress is software designed for everyone, accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. It comes with minimum setup, so you can share your stories, and creativity to the world easily.

If you want to create a blog with WordPress there are some requirements :

Requirements :

  1. Basic knowledge of the internet.
  2. You need a domain name for your website. Domain name is the name which is required to find out your blog on the internet.
  3. You need web hosting server to host the blog. (Website home where website lives)

If you have all the three written above, you can easily create your blog within half an hour or an hour.

Let’s start :

Step 1 :

First of all, you need to buy a domain name and web hosting for your blog. There are hundreds of thousands of domain name and web hosting provider. But you have to choose the best one.

Thanks to Bluehost which provides domain name and web hosting at very low cost. If you want to buy then you can click on the following link and buy: Link

Step 2: Install WordPress on Bluehost 

Go to Cpanel of your hosting and you will see lots of icons in the Cpanel. You will see install WordPress icon there as well. When you click on the install WordPress icon you will be redirected to the Bluehost marketplace.

Here you will be asked to select your domain from the dropdown list and after selecting the domain name please click on the next button and on the next screen you have to insert your site details. Select all the checkboxes and click choose the strong password for your website. While WordPress is being installed on the Bluehost you will be asked to choose a theme for your website. If you want to choose then you can choose any of them. But you can skip it for now. Because there are lots of free themes available in the market.

Now you have successfully installed the WordPress and now your site URL will look like :

Go to that link and log in with your credentials to your WordPress dashboard :

Step 3: Customizing your theme :

Customizing your WordPress theme is very easy. You just have to go to your admin dashboard and go to Appearance » Themes.

Here you can see four or five themes are already installed. You can choose one theme among them. If you want to try a new theme, just click on Add New.

Here on this screen, you will see lots of themes available to use for free from

when you mouse over the theme then you will see two buttons install and preview. If you want to preview any of the themes then you can click on the preview button and check how the theme will look after installing.

And if you want to install directly then you can click on the install button and the theme will install on the website now you have to activate the theme after installation.

When you activate your theme and will check for the appearance than your theme might not look exactly as you have to make some change in the appearance.

Step 4: How to Add Your First Blog Post 

Now you have everything set up and now you want to create your first ever blog post on WordPress then…

Click on the Posts on the left sidebar and you will see add new link and now you will see an editor area where you can write your thoughts and publish.

Once you have written now you can publish or save it as a draft for publishing it later.

That’s it now you have created your first blog on the WordPress using Bluehost hosting.


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