How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress:

When you create a blog or website then the first thing is to do is to add a contact form on your blog or your website so that user or customers can contact you easily.

In WordPress contact form is not automatically installed. You have to create it and use it on the specific page or post or as you want to use it. To create a contact form you need to install a plugin in the admin dashboard of your site. In the WordPress market, there are lots of plugins available for creating a contact form.

You can use WPForms plugin to create a contact form for your WordPress blog.

To add a plugin simply go to the admin dashboard and click on the plugins and add new link,

Now you will see the plugins listing screen like below here you search any plugin and install it on your admin dashboard.

When you search for the plugin then you will find the below screen :

Click on the first plugin and install it. After installing it you will see the WPform menu added to your sidebar.

Click on add new then you will see the new wpforms screen, here are some template options to choose from :

Choose simple contact form template option and you will see next screen like that :

Here you can configure notification from the settings icon

and here you can configure your confirmation message here on this screen.

After doing all the necessary settings, now you can add this form to your page, when you edit or add new page then you will see the add form button then click on that button and you will see the pop up there like given below :

now click on the add form button and it will be added to your page like given below. Id may be different but the form will be same as you created the template.


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