the most effective method to make a facebook page well ordered guide

Facebook pages are used to connect with people and share your thoughts to the world.People who likes your page or follow by clicking the like button or follow button get new feed as you add new stories to your page.

There are few steps to create a Facebook page .

  1. you have to have a internet connection and a Facebook account to create a Facebook page. if you don’t have Facebook account then follow this url : how to create facebook account  to create a Facebook account.
  2. Then Go to
  3. Choose the page type you want to create .There are two options to choose fromFirst is Business or Brand
    Second is Community or public figure.
  4. Now you can invite your friend but it is better to fill the other information of your page. These information are
    description of your page , your phone number , your website name and website privacy policy .Short Description:
    Short description is the brief introduction of your page , it helps the your page to appear in the search result when people search pages like yours.Username :
    Username is the most important part of your page , it makes your page searched when people search with its name . Username is unique for every single page.When you respond to anybody post it appears there.Website:
    If you have a website with the same content what is your Facebook page for then you can connect your website with the Facebook page .

    Email and phone number : 
    Email address and phone number are also important to add as it help people to contact you.

  5. After filling all the information you can build audiences for your Facebook  page.After creating your Facebook page you can create your own brand and you can reach to millions or I can say billions  of people of the word. Now I think you got to know about creating Facebook page.

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