The most effective method to Install WordPress on your Computer Using XAMPP

The most effective method to Install WordPress on your Computer Using XAMPP:

If you want to install WordPress on your computer using xampp then you are at the right place to learn it step by step. In this tutorials, we will explain about xampp and steps to install WordPress. Installing WordPress on local computer will allow you to test new features and new plugin easily without affecting your live site or blog.

Should You install WordPress on your localhost?

Yes, if you are a beginner and starting your blog or website then you must install WordPress on your local computer. It will give you real like environment to test the plugins you install and changes you made without affecting your live user or live code.

If you want to install WordPress on your computer then you have to create a server on your computer which is called “Localhost” by using WAMP or XAMPP.

If you install WordPress on your localhost then you can only see the change you made it will not be seen by the other person whenever you get it live. So this is very useful to install WordPress on your localhost it will help you from the inconvenience.

What is XAMPP? 

XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform (X), Apache (A), MariaDB (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P). It is an open source software. To installing WordPress on localhost requires Apache, PHP and MySQL database. These are the different software and installing them differently is not an easy task. To overcome this issue we use package manager which consists of all the software listed above.

To Install the WordPress on your local computer you have to follow the below steps :

  1. Install Xampp on your machine 
  2. Download WordPress 
  3. Create a database
  4. Connect database

Install Xampp on your computer :  First of all you have to download XAMPP  , you can download it according to your machine confiuration.If your computer is 32 bit then you should download 32 bit xampp otherwise you should go for 64 bit latest windows version becuase you are installing it on windows machine.

when you click on the download button it will start downloading to your download folder.

When your copy of xampp downloaded to your machine then right click on it and choose “Run As Administrator”

After is select your preferred language.

Click on the Next button and leave the default value selected.

If you want to install it on C: drive then you can click on Next button otherwise you can browse for a different drive.

Leave the default value selected and just keep Next button click till the installation process finished.


Now click on the Finish button your installation is finished now.

Click on the Yes button to start the control panel and you will see the screen like below:

To start working on the Server you have to start Apache server, you can also start MySQL as well.

If you want to check if everything is working fine then you have to open your browser and have to write localhost and you will see below screen:

It means everything is working fine. Xampp installation work is finished. Now you have to download WordPress.

Downloading WordPress : 

If you want to download WordPress then you can download it here.

Click on download WordPress button and it will start downloading in the zip file format.

You can extract it with a zip extractor software and go to the location of your xampp installation.


My xampp location is in C:/  drive and I will go to that location and will open xampp folder then htdocs and then paste the extracted zip file. Then pasted folder name is “WordPress” currently but you can change it to anything else if you want. I will change it to mysitedemo.

After changing the name you should go to your browser and write “http://localhost/mysitedemo” and you will see the following screen :

Here you can select your preferred language. I have select English as my language. After it click on “continue” button. You will get let started screen. Click on lets start button and thereafter you will be asked to fill the database name, username, password, host and table prefix.

Create the database : 

For database name you have to go to the following link: “http://localhost/phpmyadmin” now you will find the following screen.

Now click on the Database name field and you will be asked to create the database. Fill the name of your database which you want and click on the “Create” button.


Now your database has been created.

You can use this name for the WordPress installation. Fill “mysitedemo” name in the database name field of the previous step, the username will be “root” by default and leave password as blank, database host will be localhost and keep the prefix as given in the prefix field and now click on submit button. Now click on the “Run Installation” button. After it you will be redirected to the following screen :

In this step, you have to fill your site title name, username, and password which you want to keep. I will suggest having a name which can be remembered easily by you. For now, check the “Search engine Visibility checked”.

After success, you will see the following screen and now you have to click on the “Log In” button .

You will be redirected to the login screen, here you can use the username and password which you have used previously to create WordPress installation and click on the “login” button. Now you will be redirected to the admin dashboard of the WordPress.

Now you have successfully installed the WordPress on the local computer using XAMPP.

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