Well ordered manual for setup facebook moment article for WordPress

Well ordered manual for setup facebook moment article for WordPress in 2019 :

If you are using a blog or a website then you must be knowing about the Facebook instant article. And if you about that you must want to add Facebook Instant Articles on your WordPress blog or site.

In this tutorials, I will explain how to set up Facebook Instant Articles for your blog.

What is Facebook Instant Article? 

Facebook Instant Articles was introduced in 2015, this technology will load the articles load and display 10x faster than the standard mobile and then It will create a better user experience. any popular sites use instant article technology on their website.
Benefits of Instant Articles  :
  • Fast Reading Experience: Content articles delivered fast in the Facebook app.
  • Less User Abandon: Becuase the article load faster then there are fewer chances that user will abandon opening the page. One time he must open the article.
  • Opens on Slow Connection: Instant article opens on the slow connection as well.
  • More People: Because there are lots of people in the world are over a slow connection then they would like to open an instant article rather than the video or any other thing in the instant article.

Should A Blogger Enable Facebook Instant Articles for their Site?

If a blogger wants to drive more traffic or more visitors to their blog then they should enable Facebook Instant Article. This Instant article is only profitable when you have latest news or blog on your site.

You should enable Facebook Instant Articles if you’re a publisher who wants to drive more Facebook visitors to your blog.

Blogger should not enable Facebook Instant Articles on their blog’s landing pages in which conversion is the main objective.

Steps to Setup Instant Article on your blog: There are few steps to follow to set up Instant Articles on your blog :

Step 1: Sign Up for Instant Articles 

First of all you have to go to  Facebook Instant Articles and click on the Sign-Up button to get started.

Then you have to choose the right page if you have more than one page in which you want to enable Facebook Instant Articles.

After then you have to agree to the Instant Article terms and click Access Instant Articles Tools. Then click continue.

Now you will be redirected to the publishing Tools section of your selected page. In this section, you have to prove the ownership of your website by claiming your URL.

Now you have to scroll down to the Tools section on the page and click on the “Claim your URL”. Facebook page will show you a code that can be used to enter in the header.

You can copy the code and insert it into the <head></head> section of your theme header.php.

After inserting your code to the header section of your website, you need to go back to the publisher tools section of your Facebook page.

Now you have to add your website URL to the section “Claim your URL” and

Step 2: Generate an Instant Articles Feed

Now you have to install Instant Articles for WP on your site to generate an Instant Articles feed for your blog. After installing the plugin you have to activate it after activation of the plugin it will create a menu in the left sidebar of the website admin dashboard.

After activation of the plugin, you can find your instant article feed by appending the /feed/instant-articles/ after your blog URL.

Now your full URL will look like :


Copy the feed URL and insert it into the RSS feed URL field inside the production RSS feed section and click on the Save button.

Step 3. Setting up Facebook Instant Articles plugin for WordPress: I

In the previous steps, we have already installed the plugin for Facebook Instant Articles. Now open your plugin by clicking on the Facebook Instant menu and it will redirect you to it page. In this page, you have to insert  App ID and App Secret

For getting those secret keys and app id you have to create an app on Facebook. To create a facebook app you need to go to the the  Facebook for Developers website and click on the drop-down menu next to My Apps menu on the upper right corner of the screen next to your profile photo.

Hover on my app drop-down section you will see Create a New App button then click on it and it will show a pop up in front of you.

Now you have to insert Display name and contact email in the pop-up and click on the create App Id. Now your app id will be created.

Now if you want to check your app id and secret key then go to the Settings>Basic and click it now you will see the app id and app secret here. If you want to see your app secret then click on the “Show” button on the page. Now you can copy the app id and app secret and paste it into the Facebook Instant plugin fields.

Now click on the next button to continue. After clicking on the next button you will see a login with facebook button.When you click on the login with facebook button it will redirect you to the facebook and you will be asked to give the permission to the app to access your profile info. When you permitted the app you will be redirected back to the WordPress site and Click on the “Select Page” drop down to select your Facebook page.

After selecting the page your site is finished with Instant Article on your blog.

Step 4: Submit Instant Articles Feed for Review :

There are some conditions before you can submit your Instant Articles feed for review, you have to have at least 10 articles in your Instant article feed. If you are sure you have at least 10 articles then you can submit your review.

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