What is a blog

  1. What is a blog ?
    A blog is like a website where a person can create his own content and this person is called a Blogger.Blog may have single or multiple topics .A blog is a place where people post their thoughts on the certain topics.A blog can be a  personal journal .

  2. General Terms of Blog :
    In the wordpress generally there are two terms called blog post and page.
    Blog Post : The blog post is an article where it include content in the form of images , info-graphics and videos.
    Pages : Pages contains static content like about us , contact us , privacy policy etc.
  3. You must prepare about us , privacy policy and disclaimer , contact us page before blog goes public.About us : This page tells the visitors/user what is blog all about , about the author.You should mentioned about your business or you can mentioned.Privacy policy :Privacy policy is legal document about your site  i.e. what information you collect , why you collect , sharing of information.Contact Us : By using contact us page user can contact you directly , they can ask you any query or any concern regarding any topic related to your niche.
  4. Difference between Blog and website:A blog is a dynamic website which updated on daily basis and website contains static content.A large website can contain a blog in itself . Website are organised in nature. Blog have blog post and some static pages in it.Blogs are used by the people to educate other people whether a website can be created to sell specific product. A blog may contain
  5. Benefits of a blog :Every specific people who starts a blog set their own idea behind the blog whether he wants to educate people with his knowledge or he wants to show his creativity to the world.With the help of a  blogger can make his own audience.He has certain numbers of people who follow him or likes his topics or his creativity.Big brands use blog to share the knowledge about their products .Some organisations use blogs to raise awareness, run campaigns and increase the knowledge about certain disease or topics .Some of people create blog to earn money online.If you want to create your own blog and you want to spread some knowledge , awareness to the world then follow this tutorial:
    http://How to create a blog in wordpress step by step

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