Web hosting companies enable your online business to reach to your audience. These companies provide a suite of resources and services to help you run your website and monetize it according to your business goals. The web host provides all the facilities that your website needs for staying up, alive and easily accessible to the audience. Whenever we hear the word ‘downtime’, it is the maintenance job that the web host does to ensure that your website offers impeccable experience to its end users and customers.

Web hosting is the process of buying of a space for yourself as a website owner in the web world. This space is nothing but a full dedicated server or a part of it, where your website files are stored. That space has got an address which is nothing but the URL of your website. When the customer is typing the URL, they are reaching this space that the website booked for the self in the web

Websites are of different types – some are totally text-based such as writing based blogs. Others are Graphics enriched comprising of images, videos, chat windows and so on. The emergence of social media networks and its popularity have inspired all website owners to follow their suit and build websites that are content-rich and have high shareability quotient. This ease is ensured by the web hosting services that assign the resources and charge for these in pay as you go set-up.

Requirements of the server size are dependent on the type of website you plan to launch. The website may be an ecommerce portal, a news portal and so on. The type of website determines how much traffic volume one can expect, and accordingly, the decision regarding robustness of the infrastructure is taken. To meet the robustness demands in the infrastructure, the allocation of server type, bandwidth etc. is done. Web hosting companies also need to tie up with the data centers across the world so that the content delivery can be done at a fast rate, smoothening the whole experience for the users consequently. The website owners also need to take backups of the files and use them to ensure continuity or seamlessness in the user experience.

Depending upon the types of hosting services requires, the best hosting provider suggests the plan to subscribe to. Some web hosts offer all types of hosting services, such as:

  1. Dedicated server hosting
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Cloud hosting
  4. VPN hosting
  5. Free domain hosting
  6. Reseller hosting, etc.

Otherwise, they can also be dealing in a combination of a few of the web hosting styles.

Listed here are the 10 best web hosting services provider companies that have been a great support to the online businesses in 2020.


GoDaddy offers free domain hosting solution to its subscribers. It has tie up with the data centers globally which helps in ensuring faster page loads. The company offers best wordpress hosting and also the ecommerce solutions like Joomla, Drupal can be hosted with ease using this hosting service. The main components of the hosting service are provided under three plans – Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate.

  • Economy – Priced at $2.19 per month, this plan offers best support for a basic site, 100 GB storage, Free professional email for 1-year, Free domain with annual plan and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Deluxe –Apart from free domain and professional Email, this plan offers unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth and unmetered storage. Thus, this plan is quite suitable small business websites.
  • Ultimate –This plan is best suited for ecommerce and other complex websites. It is empowered with 2x processing power and includes SSL certificates, too, apart from the facilities mentioned in above plans.


Hostgator calls itself the clients’ first step towards making an online presence. This web host providing company offers the hosting plans suitable for basic websites, ecommerce websites and so on. it offers three hosting plans to its subscribers – Starter Plan, Premium Plan and eCommerce Plan. The common features of all these three plans are:

  • Free domain and free hosting
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Customizable templates
  • Year-round support, every hour of the day.

The additional service provided to Premium Plan subscriber is Priority Support. eCommerce Plan subscribers enjoy eCommerce functionality apart from the Priority Support.

HostGator is known for providing hands on website building support too. There are free templates of dynamic nature provided to the clients. The company provides support for theme selection, for making social media presence, website publishing, and above all, a rock-solid hosting infrastructure. The plans are available at prices as low as $3.46/mo to $8.30/mo depending upon the choice.


Register is one stop destination one can reach for free domain name registration and web hosting needs; it is also providing full support for online marketing. The clients can find here the solutions for do-it-myself and do-it-for-me websites; means the developers can start making on their own or hire a developer for getting the job done.

Apart from providing best web hosting services, this host is also into ecommerce website development and provides SSL too. Best advantages of Register are:

  1. Domain expiration protection
  2. Private domain registration
  3. SSL certificates for protecting consumer data
  4. Websites development support for professional looking sites


Hostinger web hosting services are one of the best solutions available for the businesses to go online. This web host provides the most enriched suite of services in the form of:

  1. Shared web hosting – for basic websites that do not need much of the server space
  2. Cloud hosting – to make large businesses happen online
  3. Email hosting – to help businesses improve outreach and touch points availability
  4. WordPress hosting India –best wordpress hosting support with added optimization

This best hosting provider also deals in specialized hosting such as Minecraft hosting to give gamers a tailor-made platform and VPS hosting that offers dedicated resources at scale.


Bluehost is at the top of the list of most promising web hosting companies. It has the largest infrastructure to extend full-fledged hosting support to the companies. With an in-house data center spread over 50,000 sq.ft. of space and about 750 employees maintaining it, the host offers full support for shared, VPS, dedicated and Wordpress hosting. The host provides services like:

  1. Free domain name for 1 year
  2. Free SSL certificates included
  3. 1-click wordpress installation convenience
  4. 24-hour technical support

With about 2 million websites hosted worldwide, the company is truly a market leader in the best hosting provider space. It is highly recommended by WordPress as the WordPress website owners also get analytics support and marketing tools along with the blanket of back-ups and security.


Hostpapa is Canada-based privately owned hosting company. It deals in domain registration, domain selection, in addition to hosting services like VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, managed shared hosting, reseller hosting and others. This host service does not stop at providing the tech support or hosting support for the websites only. It also has developed support for operational management through G Suite, Business Email solutions and so on.

Websites hosted on Hostpapa need not worry about the security issues at all as it has the well-designed security solutions like SiteLock, Automated website backup, Protection Power along with much talked about SSL certificates. With this kind of security support, the host is capable of managing e-commerce websites requiring dedicated server hosting too.


Inmotion promotes itself as one of the best web hosting companies that stands by the business and is every bit true in saying so. This company has tailor-made resource support that can make WordPress websites possible in just two days at the cost as low as $99. The businesses coming to this company for web hosting support get to enjoy:

  1. Quick transfer from existing domains
  2. Trusted support team that helps the businesses earn much valued compliments
  3. 100% satisfaction guarantee

This web host is providing hosting support at scale and according to the business type. Thus, the businesses can pick from dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting and Reseller hosting and so and can fulfill their online business dream in least efforts and minimum time.


Dreamhost is an LA-based web hosting company that is a domain registrar in addition to being a web host. Along with the WordPress hosting as a specialty, the company is providing vanilla web hosting solutions like dedicated server hosting, managed shared hosting, VPS and Cloud hosting too. This web host offers web hosting services with a purpose, and the purpose is to keep the business up, alive and active and fully available to the customers 24 by 7. This web hosting is not merely a service but a suite of the services one needs to ensure high conversion rate which makes sense for the businesses moving to online platforms.

At Dreamhost, one can find .com names starting at the price as low as $5.99. The companies offer full support for free wordpress migrations. It the easiest service to understand and provides 24/7 support so that your business never loses any chance to get conversions and rank higher in search engines.

WP Engine

All mission critical websites find the best operational support in WP Engine. This web host is popular for creating complete experiences and not merely websites. Its reliable and proven architecture spells unmatched reliability and scalability. It is known for offering the best wordpress hosting.

The businesses get unmatched support from this best hosting provider expert in the form of:

  • Intelligent and agile platforms
  • Seamless integrations and quick transfers
  • Simple site set ups and well-designed workflows
  • No stress launches followed by worry-free support

With the shared hosting price that starts at nominal rates, you can find unending collection of WordPress themes to pick from. The support of Genesis framework further enhances the ease of site development.


Hostwinds is known for its award-winning hosting quality. Providing best support for dedicated server hosting and cloud services, it has an enviable clientele comprising of large-scale businesses that operate from multiple geographic locations. Its other most used services are:

  1. VPS hosting
  2. Basic shared hosting
  3. SSL certificates

When you want your business to be ranking high on the search engines by being available 24 by 7, this host is the perfect partner to pick. It comes with the guarantee of 24 by 7 by 365 support, 99.99% uptime and dedicated services that enable the businesses to mean best customer service and nothing else.

Fully managed Linux VPS hosting is a specialty at this web hosting service. The cloud hosting and SSL certificates are the other strengths that make this web host quite relevant in the present e-commerce driver business world. With basic shared hosting starting at as low as approx. $4/mo, every business can try online waters and emerge winner in its own way.

To conclude

As a business aspiring to go online, you may need the best web hosting support. Many companied promote themselves as the best web hosting companies but their claims turn out to be fluke when the concern regarding uptime, server speed, etc. start posing hindrances. A hosting company that fits all the businesses correctly is the one that has budget solutions for small scale businesses and the dedicated ones for those clients who are ready to pay a premium. Apart from correct pricing, the list of services also needs special attention while picking the best suited host company. The list mentioned above comprises of the true gems of web hosting industry as these have proven their worth in making the businesses an online success.

In lure of finding free web hosting, businesses can suffer loss as well as defeat of purpose of going online, as their guarantee of high uptimes is hardly true.The web hosting services that are available a price payback in very many ways. So, make decisions regarding web host with full awareness, which is what we intend to provide with this article to our readers.


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