Amidst all the chaos around, Forbes has released the list of highest paid celebrities. This list is certainly a matter of status for the stars who are in entertainment industry as this is ruled largely by the industrialists who disrupt the economy and steer it in positive direction with their contribution. So, appearing in this list as the highest paid actor is certainly a matter of pride not only for the celebrities but also for their fans.

The list of highest paid actors and celebrities from around the world released by Forbes has shown a decline in the earnings from the year 2016 due to obvious reasons. However, the way the actors and celebrities maintained dignified income figures shows that they are committed to keeping the show going on despite the fact that world is literally on fire and fighting the demons one imagined only in the nightmares.

Highest paid actor and celebrities that made it to Forbes’ list

Forbes list is a starry collection of glittering celebrities and actors and industrialists who accumulated lot of gain in monetary terms. Since the list takes into account the income that is not earned from conflict sources, it is an easy testament of the good will that the celebrity has generated by doing good work using fair means. Here is the list of Forbes highest paid celebrities that is sure to give you a moment of joy when you find your favorite actor from Hollywood or Bollywood appearing on it.

Billie Ellish

This music sensation made the best of the music last year begging a number of Grammys as recognition of her work. The recognition did bring along huge income from singles, albums and a couple of musical tours. All these happenings got her placed at no 43 in Forbes list with income reported as $53 million.

Ryan Reynolds

This actor stormed the streaming applications and owned this medium completely with his fabulous work. It got him a hefty earning of $71.5 million and 18th position in the Forbes’ highest paid actor in Hollywood list. A big chunk of the earnings came from Netflix proving this medium to be the next big thing to look up to.

Jerry Seinfeld

Popular for the stand up show ’23 hours to kill’ at Netflix, this American Comedian made the best use of the streaming medium to add bucks up in his kitty. He stood close to Billie Ellish at no. 45 on the Forbes’ highest paid celebrities’ list.

Ed Sheeran

Thanks to Divide Tour that we got some of the awesome music to her from Ed Sheeran. He will surely thank this tour, too, for taking his income a notch higher and fetching him 23rd position in the highest paid celebrity list of 2020 released by Forbes.

Bill Simons

This is a new entrant in the Forbes list of highest paid celebrities of 2020. Bill sold his podcast venture The Ringer to Spotify signing a deal of whooping amount of $206 million. This deal contributed to his new found Forbes celebrity status that puts him at no. 13 with net income of $82.5 million.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

A very interesting entry in the list at No. 62. He is the creator of musical Hamilton that caught the attention of Disney and the latter bought its airing rights for $75 million. His income stood at $45.5 million as per the latest records. He also voiced concern and condemned the controversial killing of Floyd very recently making the best use of the status in a responsible way.

Lewis Hamilton

Moving on to sports from Entertainment, this new F1 title holder continued the legacy created by Michael Schumacher and made earnings of $54 million with 40th place in the Forbes highest paid celebrity list 2020.

Roger Federer, Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo ruled the sports category celebrity list and also the Forbes list of highest paid celebrities with their respective incomes reported at $106.3M, $104M and $105M.

Dwayne Johnson

Forbes’ highest paid actor in Hollywood list features Dwayne Johnson with whooping earning figure of $87.5M that he has bagged by signing two upcoming films Red Notice and Black Adam. He appears at No.10 in the list.

Tyler Perry

He is not only the entrant in highest paid actor list of Forbes, but is also the producer and writer of ‘Madea’ franchise that has earned $660m. He enjoys 6th position in the list with staggering income of $97M.

Kanye West

A musician and established entrepreneur, too, signed a deal with Adidas for sneaker brand Yeezy. Despite his name appearing in a variety of celebrity online feuds, his status of billionaire stays strong and steady with overall income of $170M.

Howard Stern

The shock jock by profession, he has become the world’s highest paid radio host by reported earnings of $90M that he bagged by signing a mammoth deal with SiriusXM in eight-figure amount.

Lebron James, Neymar

Thee two sports personalities made their way to the top 10 of the Forbes list of richest celebrities with reported incomes of $88.2M and $95.5 respectively.

Kylie Jenner

She can rightly be called the Queen of Forbes List. A reality TV star, beauty entrepreneur and also a bonafide Instagram sensation, Kylie sold her stakes amounting to about 51% in Kylie Cosmetics to Coty, Inc. and bagged $540M before tax. Her net income stands at $590M making her the highest paid celebrity in the world appearing at the top of the Forbes List.

Our very own Akshay Kumar – the highest paid actor according to Forbes

Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood star appearing in the Forbes’ highest paid actor in the world list. Known for doing meaningful, entertaining films and also his contribution amounting to $4.5 million to Covid Relief, this movie star is the only Indian celebrity in the list. His position however slipped to 53rd position from 33rd of the last year, with total earnings close to $48.5M.

Akshay is ahead of various world musicians and Hollywood actrs/celebrities such as Rihanna at no. 60, Katy Perry (86th position), Lady Gaga (87th position) and Jennifer Lopez (56th position).  The Forbes list of highest paid celebrities is quite vast. One thing common to all the names appearing in the article above is their zeal to succeed, steering the path even against the tide situations and to deliver the best quality work each time. It is certainly a source of inspiration for all of us.


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