With the introduction of online booking system, Indian Railways have made trains easily accessible to the travellers. People from any part of India can check train PNR status online on their mobile phones and other mobile gadgets. PNR stands for passenger name record. It is a unique number that is allotted to travellers who have booked their tickets through IRCTC or railway reservation counters. PNR status check online sites provide all information related to travel, such as:

  1. PNR status whether ticket is confirmed or still in waiting
  2. Train information – live running status
  3. Estimated time of departure or arrival of train
  4. Live train location

How to do PNR status live check on mobile online?

PNR  status enquiry is a very simple procedure. You can visit sites like http://www.indianrail.gov.in/enquiry/PNR/PnrEnquiry.html . Procedure for PNR live status checking is completed in just two steps:

  1. Visit the site mentioned above.
  2. Enter the PNR number.
  3. Click ‘Submit’.

Within seconds, PNR live ticket status can be found on mobile phone through SMS too, when the passenger sends short message ‘‘PNR ‘PNR Number’”to service number 139.

What is PNR number?

PNR number, as explained above, is a 10-digit number. If we decode the Indian Railways PNR number, this is what we get: first three digits denote the PRS or Passenger Reservation System. Actually, Indian railways is divided into 9 PRS zones. And, the remaining 7 numbers are completely random that make PNR number unique. Thus, there is never any confusion regarding PNR status check result. Here is the list of PRS zones, accordingly, PNR number will start with the numbers assigned to PRS zones:

  1. Secunderabad PRS (SCR zone) – 1
  2. New Delhi PRS (NR,NCR,NER, NWR zone) – 2,3
  3. Chennai PRS (SR, SCR, SWR zone) – 4,5
  4. Kolkata PRS (NFR, ER, ECR, SER, SECR, EcoR zone) – 6,7
  5. Mumbai PRS (CR, WCR, WR Zone) – 8,9

Indian Railway PNR confirmation probability– a new facility worth trying

IRCTC tries to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by introducing new features time to time. Passengers want to know most accurate prediction about the PNR status of ticket they choose to book. IRCTC offers this information by adding a small button called ‘Confirmation Probability’. This feature tells what percentage of chances are there to get PNR status confirmed if the current status is waiting. When the users book a ticket at online booking system of IRCTC, their status in case of waiting status reads hypothetically as: WL6/WL3. WL6 shows the status at the time of checking the availability status. WL3 shows the change in PNR status that happened while completing the transaction. WL3 further changes to RAC (reservation against cancellation) or Confirmed depending upon the PNR number status.

Various ticket statuses that PNR enquiry reveals

PNR status check provides various ticket statuses against railway ticket reservation done by travellers. One can find PNR live status options which actually mean any one of the following:

  • CNF: A confirmed ticket status is expressed as CNF when a traveler gets confirmed railway ticker and is allotted a seat or berth no. too.
  • NOSB: This PNR status stands for No Seat Berth. A traveler booking a ticket for a child has to pay full fare to get a berth for the child. It happens mostly in case of booking tickets in AC coaches and fully AC trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, etc.
  • WL: This status against your PNR number means Waiting list. Passengers cannot travel on an unconfirmed ticket. They are charged penalty if they do so. It is, however, possible to cancel this ticket before 30 minutes of train departure to get full refund.
  • RAC: A traveler can receive PNR status as RAC when Indian Railway finds a possibility of giving a shared berth. RAC has higher chances of converting into Confirmed ticket as the traveler gets the full berth when there is a cancellation of a confirmed ticket by any other traveler.
  • NR: No room PNR status means that there is no room available in the train and so, even waiting ticket cannot be booked.
  • TQWL: The train PNR status of this type rarely turns into confirmation. This status appears when the ticket is booked under Tatkal scheme and is not confirmed, but put under waiting list.
  • PQWL: It stands for Pooled Quota Waitlist ticket. When any ticked booked under Tatkal is cancelled, this PNR status IRCTC changes to Confirmed, which is a rare thing to happen because Tatkal ticket is booked just one day before the start of train.
  • RLWL: Remote List Wait List is the full form of this train PNR status. The passenger may not get confirmed ticket at the start of the journey, but at any of the intermediate stations. The chances of confirmation of this waiting list are high.

Important Links for checking PNR: https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ntes/index.html

Indian Railways provide confirmed ticket on priority to certain profiles

All types of people such as Indian citizens, foreign tourists, etc. travel through Indian Railways while going from one city to another in India. To recognize the good deeds and contribution to the country and of course, to address the vulnerability, there are certain quotas decided by Indian Railways to give confirmed PNR status ticket on preference to these profiles:

  1. PH – Parliament House
  2. HO – High Official
  3. DF – Defense
  4. FT – Foreign Tourist
  5. DP – Duty Pass
  6. LD – Ladies
  7. OS – Outstation

These people can book tickets through IRCTC for all Indian Railways trains by picking the relevant quota. They get to enjoy confirmed ticket PNR status IRCTC on priority; still, they can use PNR status check online to find other details pertaining to travel. In case of waiting list status at the time of booking, the tickets booked under these quotas are confirmed first.

Indian Railways PNR Status covers all types of trains running in India

When Indian Railways started, only passenger trains and good trains were in demand. The passenger trains got various variants. The trains were improved in terms of reach and speed. Some were modified at interiors to give a royal feel to the travellers as in Maharaj Express or Palace on Wheels trains. The PNR live status check on mobile phone and IRCTC website covers all popular trains one can find with Indian Railways. PNR generation is done for the trains such as:

Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi Express trains

Shatabdi train has all AC coaches. Jan Shatabdi Express train has both AC and non-AC coaches. These trains run between stations that are medium far from each other. PNR status enquiry for these trains can be done through live status check on mobile phone, by calling 139 from any mobile or landline number.

Express and Superfast express trains

These trains are designed for distantly apart stations on Indian Railways map. Travellers can book tickets for these trains online at IRCTC site. A lot of passengers go to railway reservation counters of the city, too, to get the tickets. People can find PNR status for these trains from:

  • Live PNR and train status check on mobile phone
  • Enquiry counters at railway stations
  • Call Railway enquiry number 139

Garib Rath trains

Garib Rath trains are also long distance trains. Having affordable fare, these trains provide 3-tier AC facility. PNR status can be checked live for these trains at station, on mobile phones and also on live status check sites.

Duranto trains

Travelling in Duranto trains requires reservation too. At the onset, these trains did not stop at any intermediate stations. So, PNR status RQWL was not applicable for these trains. However, to increase travelers’ numbers in these trains, now a few halts have been included at important stations. Travellers can check PNR status online and offline as well for this category of trains.

Suburban Local and Metro Trains

These can be called intra-city railway service available in metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Metro train work is now proposed for various prominent cities apart from metropolitans of India. While travelling through these trains intracity, no PNR number is generated, and so the PNR status checking facility is not available for these trains.

Important links where you can find PNR live status

There are various travel and hospitality sites that are providing one stop solutions for travellers and those who reserve tickets for others or self. These sites also provide PNR status live or real time basis. By considering this information, one can plan or decide about travelling. Here are a few links one can check PNR status of railway tickets online:

  1. IRCTC Train PNR Status Enquiry
  2. Check IRCTC PNR Status Live
  3. Get PNR Status Live
  4. Train PNR Status Check

Why it is important to know PNR status

PNR status check for railway ticket reservation is an important part of travel planning. When you are travelling with family, or small kids and also to a longer distance, you need having confirmed railway ticket in hand. IRCTC offers PNR check status online facility to help travellers decide about the date of travel or not to travel at all by providing live status.

PNR status check sites also provide live train running status. Thus, travellers can find whether they will reach destination on time or not.

Things to consider while booking railway ticket online

Booking on IRCTC site is a tricky job. So many people booking tickets at the same time can change PNR status in no time. Thus, the travellers booking tickets need to be real fast. Here are some ways one can try to get PNR status of ticket as confirmed:

  • Keep master travellers list ready

IRCTC provides master travellers list preparation facility. If you are a frequent traveler, you can simply click ‘Use master list’ while booking ticket for trains of Indian Railways. This saves time that goes into filling passengers’ details each time.

  • Keep credit/debit card details ready or save credit card details at IRCTC site

Each second is important while booking tickets through IRCTC online. If you keep credit card or debit card details ready, it can help you do transactions faster and get PNR status as confirmed, if available.

  • Select train beforehand and use quick book

IRCTC offers ‘Quick Book’ facility for the travellers who know train nos. in advance. If you find the available trains on the selected route before hand at ‘Train/Seat Availability Check’ sites, you can go to ‘Quick Book’ option and start booking. It increases the chance of getting confirmed PNR status.

  • Use drop down more instead of typing everything

If you have not deleted browsing data or cookies, your name is likely to appear in drop down list as soon as you click on the Name bar. All information filled using drop down list while booking confirmed PNR status ticket helps filling form faster. Thus, confirmed ticket status remains as such and does not change into WL or RAC due to fast filling.

Facility of checking PNR status for Indian Railways train tickets at online sites that provide live position is a big breakthrough. Travellers can avail this facility on mobile phone, laptop, desktop, tablets if checking status themselves. If not comfortable with online means, phone and physical check in the final reservation chart are also available for PNR status checking.


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